A Shift in Sales

There’s an evolution in sales and marketing. Long gone are the days of shooting from the hip and finding your stride.. fit in the pocket.

Every touchpoint in your customer’s journey can be measured prisely and optimized. Let’s examine this awesome infographic on SaaS sales from DocSend.


An organized, agile, data-driven approach is critical in to meet today’s market demands. The savvy entrepreneur, founder, or sales leader looks to these insights to tighten up the process and add the right players in the mix to scale your operation.

To welcome post or not to welcome post

That is the question.

I’ve found value in reading other founders stories so I’ll express ours in this narrative. Hopefully, we get the opportunity to work closely together to help grow your business. In any case I’ve not changed the date of this post as it was created in 2014 as this is originially when this post was made and left dormant in full ‘Lorem Ipsum’ glory, UNTOUCHED, a relic of the past! But now with a rekindled passion to share and grow our business to business lead generation expertise to help awesome clients grow world class businesses and customer bases so they can continue to thrive and press their vision’s imprint on the world.

Clixigen was originally named to combine “Clicks” and “Generate”. Clicks represent a fundamental user behavior online that says I’m interested. A click represents a moment in time, a piqued interested.. an interested user / consumer, prospect, lead.. another human (unless a bot click, but that’s not what we’re talking about here).

That click object could be the first open of your email, first view of your website, first view of your about video, first view of your proposal, first view of your contract, oh and yes, the last button before your deal closes as ‘Won’ and you get to give your world class service to your customer and help them grow. Ahhh, the circle of life. :)

First of all, wouldn’t you like to know everything about that interaction? How many times they opened your email, clicked your site, bought your stuff, actually read / watched your content?

Then, don’t you want to increase the quality conversions? How can you manager and grow (a) what you don’t measure and (b) this stuff changes at the speed of light!

How are you going to keep up with all the different changing platforms, and how the heck are you going to keep the data organized and 1 single source of truth.

Good thing Clixigen was formed.. to help you do just that, and drive real revenue.

Clixigen was formed to provide sustainability for artists in a trade that could grow their creative skills while being able to fund their artistic passions as the nature of our work is anytime / anywhere. We provide musicians, filmmakers, and artists avenues to participate in the capital markets and drive value for your clients with a creative edge.

So from this little band of digital ninjas adieu for now, i don’t have much time, I have a business to run! but i will continue to add to this narrative as we go.. stay tuned..